4 keys of success in a Wireless Network

These days, many hotels start asking for offers for the installation and / or upgrade of their wireless networks. How can we evaluate them immediately and easily?

With just four questions, we know if what they offer fits what you need:

The wireless network they offer you allows you to:

  • ¿MANAGE all the users of your hotel?
  • MANAGE all service areas?
  • CONTROL all access points on your network?
  • INTEGRATE and bill with your current hotel PMS?


...we will know:

  • Who is connected?
  • When is he connected?
  • How much time is he connected?
  • What bandwidth we give?
  • How much can he download?
  • How many devices?
  • Can you keep a log of connections in case of any abuse committed?


...we can define different service areas , whether public , private areas , for clients outside the hotel, restaurants, cafes, maintenance, administration, management, lounges etc.

For example, if you have a conference/meeting room to rent, they contract the space with a specific capacity over the services that are offered in, but now: Are you able to ensure a dedicated bandwidth, quality service, VPNs, a guaranteed speed of navigation, plus concurrent clients? The customer will require a safe area and that you offer a custom SSID with the name of your company.

What if the company that has hired you 20 rooms and a conference room for 3 days, has moved its employees from all over Spain, with planes, diets etc. .. and when they have to make the presentation / meeting , this fails because of the hotel wireless? You could find yourself in a difficult legal situation, besides losing reputation, you could hardly charge these services.


If you CONTROL your wireless network...

... You can answer the following questions: Is your system able to warn of incidents of your network? Do you know if the App # 6 on the third floor is working properly, or are you able to know when it fails, disconnects, is saturated, or are you able to change the SSID, Firmware, I, an App or all Apps around the hotel from your PC, from your office remotely from headquarters of your hotel chain?

The system with which we work alerts you of any problem detected in a simple way, without having to be envisioning the network. it sends you an email with the status of your network (which may be received by the maintainer on his smartphone wherever he is) and their problems, emergency announcements, network Monitoring, users, firewall, CPU Ap, workload, memory used. Associated clients, ect.


You can INTEGRATE your wifi network with PMS

Wireless is the last element that has come to your hotel, so far you had a PMS for customer management and billing, the stay, minibar, telephone, TV, all services...Wireless is the last element that has come to your hotel, so far you had a PMS for customer management and billing, the stay, minibar, telephone, TV, all services... ? And tell the client to connect by entering his room number and his last name, instead of a long series of characters and symbols for the password (Abc% 123 @ hotel). Simplify, integrate and you will gain time and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, how do you bill the wireless connection? Many customers offered it free because they simply don´t know how to properly perform their functions and most of them because they give a minimum service in both quality and functionality.


With all the above mentioned: Are you sure that what you get is what you need, or are you just proposed apps to have coverage and wireless signal?

Like any other service you offer, professionalism and specialization is the way that makes the difference and brings profitability to your business. In WifiSafe we are specialists in helping with the implementation of your wireless network and advise on what products best suit your needs, so do not hesitate!, contact us and we will help you in your decision; inform you, it's free!s :)

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