Alvarion Collaborates with WifiSafe to deploy Carrier-grade Wi-Fi Networks in Leading Spanish Hotel Chain

Outdoor Wi-Fi equipment provides ubiquitous indoor and outdoor coverage throughout hotels resulting in low total cost of ownership and minimal intrusion to guests and scenery

Tel Aviv, Israel, April 17, 2013 – Alvarion® Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALVR), a global provider of optimized wireless broadband solutions addressing the connectivity, coverage and capacity challenges of public and private networks, today announced that WifiSafe, Alvarion’s partner in Spain, deployed its carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution to deliver voice, data and video services in Spanish-based hotels from the H10 Hotels Chain.

“We chose to deploy Alvarion’s carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution as it was an ideal fit to our customers’ requirements,” commented Francisco Menéndez, CEO, WifiSafe. “The solution is easy to install and configure, resulting in quick testing and deployment periods. The high performance radios provide extended reach covering both indoor and outdoor with very few base stations, resulting in robust and reliable Wi-Fi coverage despite challenging non-line-of-sight conditions and low total cost of ownership.”

H10 Hotels is one of the top ten hotel chains in Spain. The hotels in which Alvarion’s Wi-Fi solution were installed, including the H10 Conquistador, H10 Gran Tinerfe, H10 Tenerife Playa, Sentido Playa Esmeralda, H10 Rubicón Palace and others, are large beach front properties located in various vacation destinations, ranging from 300 to 500 rooms each, in different configurations of single or multiple buildings. The hotels feature large public areas such as multiple swimming pools, fitness facilities, restaurants and bars, conference rooms, night clubs and other facilities.

“Alvarion is delighted that WifiSafe chose to work with us on this project,” said Zeev Farkash, Executive Vice President of Sales, Alvarion. “These deployments demonstrate again that our distinctive Wi-Fi technology enables our partners to offer their customers an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solution, addressing the need to deliver high-performance indoor and outdoor connectivity.”

Following these network deployments H10 Hotels made the following statement: “People today want to stay connected to their families, friends and work using their mobile devices. Providing Wi-Fi is part of the exceptional service we offer our guests. The Alvarion solution delivers high-speed connectivity both indoor and outdoor with minimal dead spots even in the largest properties. Installing outdoor equipment was non-disruptive to our guests and hotel staff during the set-up process; and more importantly, the outdoor equipment minimizes any aesthetic and physical intrusions caused by the equipment to the hotels.”

Alvarion’s Wi-Fi offering includes advanced carrier-grade, wireless broadband base stations operating in the 2.4 and 5 GHz unlicensed bands using spatially adaptive Beamforming technology and powerful interference mitigation algorithms to provide optimal connectivity, extended range, increased capacity, indoor penetration and uniform coverage. With this technology, fewer access points can be deployed, significantly reducing installation costs and cabling resulting in lower CAPEX and OPEX as well as minimizing the aesthetic impact.

WifiSafe has been an Alvarion (and Wavion) partner in Spain since 2011. Using Alvarion’s carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution WifiSafe has installed dozens of high performance Wi-Fi networks, offering customers voice, data and video services, in a variety of vertical markets including hospitality, industrial parks, municipalities and other government agencies.

WifiSafe se dirige a profesionales, pequeñas y medianas empresas, grandes organizaciones y compañías o administraciones públicas, como una alternativa de solución segura y profesional.


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